About Us

Seadrift Realty, under the ownership of Katie Beacock, has been providing specialized, personalized service since 1973. Our staff works cooperatively to give our guests the best service, no matter who is on our end of the phone.

  • Katie Beacock, Owner/Realtor
    Katie has been part of Seadrift Realty since 1973 when she and her husband, Don Beacock, purchased the company. Since then, she has become a fixture here at the beach with extensive “insider” knowledge of Stinson Beach and Seadrift in particular! Katie was named “Realtor of the Year” in 2005 by the Marin Association of Realtors, and served as its President in 2009. She also serves as an officer on several non-profit Boards of Directors, and has served as the President of Marin Association of Realtors. BRE #01197087One of Katie’s favorite aspects of her role at Seadrift, has been getting to know the Seadrift clients over the years. Several generations of returning guests have become as familiar to Katie as her own family.
  • Betsy Wood, Realtor
    The daughter of Katie Beacock, Betsy has very nearly grown up at the beach. Whether you are looking for an investment property or second home, nobody knows the houses in Seadrift like Betsy… she has an amazing capacity for remembering details. Having joined Katie in 1994 after Don passed away, along with her years spent living here, Betsy has acquired a knowledge base for each house, each owner and each guest. In addition, Betsy does her best to insure that the Seadrift rental houses are cleaned and maintained to her high standards.Now living in Petaluma, Betsy keeps busy with two active teens.
  • William Barrett, Realtor and Rental Agent
    William has in depth knowledge of the Seadrift properties. Tell him what kind of house you are looking for, how many people you need to accommodate and what your intended activities include, and he will guide you to just the right house for your needs. Clients routinely praise William for his ability to successfully match clients to houses.William considers himself to be one of the luckiest people in the world. The commute from his home in the redwoods of Inverness to Stinson Beach is a beautiful stretch of California Highway 1 through the magnificent Point Reyes National Seashore.
  • Gary Martin, Realtor and Rental Agent
    Gary is the all around “nice guy” that makes working with Seadrift Realty such a pleasure. With his degree in Computer Science and after years spent in the corporate world, Gary made a decision to “work happier” and is devoting himself to the relaxed world of Stinson Beach. Gary is our detail guy, making sure that the guest experience at Seadrift is all that we have promised. His strong attention to detail and follow up skills enable him to provide outstanding service to all of his clients. He aspires to make each and every transaction a smooth and positive experience.Gary balances his role as rental agent by enjoying playing his Steinway piano, and hiking the beautiful trails of West Marin and the Point Reyes National Seashore.Gary shares the same commute as William… only Gary does it in a convertible with the top down!
  • Hannah B. Crutcher, Realtor and Rental Agent
    Previously a Seadrift Company client, Hannah is now a Stinson Beach home owner and the newest member of our staff. She is a licensed Realtor and actively participates in real estate sales and rentals. Knowledgeable and passionate about Stinson Beach, Hannah has over 15 years of senior executive financial services experience.A graduate of the University of Wisconsin, Hannah earned her MBA at Fordham University. She is also our resident sports expert having earned her MA in Sport Management at the University of San Francisco.
  • Heidi Ryerson, Office Support
    Heidi is the glue that holds the Seadrift office together. As a long-time local resident with a strong a connection to the community, Heidi is our go-to person for everything and anything that happens in Stinson Beach. Whether she is answering the phones, producing contracts, or making her special turkey sandwiches, she brings warmth, smiles, terrific gossip and one of the most remarkable heads of hair that you’ve ever seen to the Seadrift office.